Saturday, 1 December 2012

My favourite Autumn/Winter beauty look is a deep shaded lip, be it pink, red or plum I love it all!
I decided to try out the new Revlon Sweet Boutique - Lip Butter range, and got instantly hooked on one shade in particular. Raspberry Pie

It's the perfect deep plum shade, with a hint of shine that stays in place for hours on end to make sure your lips are noticed
I attended a Fashion Event last night in Newcastle for a LoveNiche catwalk and took this opportunity to show off my a/w vampy look
If you like to embrace a trend but more on the subtle side, the Berry Smoothie is more suited for you

To celebrate their new Lip Butter range Revlon are giving away 100 x Lip Butters until the 4th December - RevlonUK

So hurry hurry hurry for your Revlon Christmas treat

The top image shows: 010 Raspberry Pie and 050 Berry Smoothie

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Recent additions to my ever expanding stash of wrist attire

I'm seriously loving neon right now, however only lime green/yellow for now.. 
As a colour phobic individual usually this is quite out there for me, so only one colour is enough for me.
As for my rose gold, screw bracelet similar to that famous gorgeous Cartier version, was a lovely gift from the lovely Nelly

I'm off to London at the weekend for the boys Mothers 50th, hoping to take some inspiring images for my third year work
Hoping to gather a mixture of street style shots along with personal memories of the trip. As it's mine and the boy's first trip to London, together that is, we have both ventured out of Newcastle many times just unfortunately never as far down as London as a twosome.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

So it's been forever and a day since I last blogged, well properly anyway. So I thought I'd get back into the swing of it and hopefully not slow down again..

These gorgeous heels were purchased in Macys in America, and have sat neatly on my floor in my shoe line ever since. 
They are Steven Madden heels, which at the time made me even more excited at the fact most people at home probably wouldn't have them, then it turns out a few months later Steve Madden is launching in the UK. 
I can just pretend I knew this was coming and wanted to be the first, yeah?

I have more heels that have added to my collection since these beauties, which have made me realise I am totally obsessed with black and studs!
But let's be honest you can never have enough. More heels to come!

Monday, 29 October 2012

So Third Year has officially began and already my stress levels have hit extreme levels!
One of my projects is a group business module, creating a new business over the academic year.

Our business is called WristCandy, selling cute and simple hand-made charm bracelets
See above our new Tumblr account -

Again we are a brand new business, therefore products are coming soon!
If your interested please follow our tumblr, twitter and facebook to follow suit soon and you will be updated on our business!