Monday, 28 February 2011

On the Red Carpet

The Oscars 2011
Watching 'Live From The Red Carpet' on Channel E! last night and some very beautiful dresses rocked up on the red carpet of the Oscars.
These are the dresses that stood out to me.
Cate Blanchett in a beautiful pastel Givenchy gown.
A personal favourite.

Sandra Bullock in a gorgeous red Vera Wang dress.

 Mila Kunis (Current girl crush) in a cute lilic Elie Saab.

Gywneth Paltrow looking like a goddess in gold Calvin Klein.

Hilary Swank looking stunning in a silver Gucci gown.

Hailee Steinfeld looking pretty and youthful in a Marchesa Dress.

Sunday, 27 February 2011


It was only a matter of time untill Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen surfaced on my blog..
They for years, since their 'Two Of a Kind' days even they have been huge idols of mine and I was one of those who watched every episode and seen all their films, even their books.. obsession? maybe
The now fashionistas, aged 24 have grown up in the spot light of fame since the age of just 6 months! Since they have expanded from tv and film, to the fashion industry with their own books and fashion line 'Real fashion for real girls'
They without a doubt scream style/fashion and are just ultra cool making my jealously levels hit an all time high. Everything if I am perfectly honest, what I wish to be.. but am very far from in fact.

Everything they are seen in, from there infamous oversized sunglasses, oversized statement bags, leggings, constant heels, oversized sweaters and leathers to fur.. they just seem to get it right every time. 
It does NOT help that they are uncontrollably beautiful to top it off, and there natural messy 'bed' head hair style they just hit every trend current in our world.

Of course they come as a pair, but really could you even pick out of the two a favourite?

Just to make you even more jealous, another Olsen has recently come on the scene of fashion (yes, already twins but they have a mini twin also = UNFAIR) 

just to finish my post, this is something I found rather amusing..


Just another quick update..
Found a site today that gives away amazing deals on a daily basis, only lasting for a few hours at a time
for example todays deal for newcastle is for lash extensions. Usually costing around £60 a pair, lasting up to 12ish weeks, this site is dealing them out for £24.
On top of this amazing deal, if you register up for it yourself and recommend to friends you also in return gain £6 pp, if they then go on to purchase a current deal.
All deals change per day, lasting afew hours (so be on the ball) and all deals vary for each city

I hope you go on to enjoy this information.. As I intend to get myself some lash extensions on the cheap tonight

Elle Collections

I purchased the 10th issue, spring/summer 2011 of Elle Collections yesterday and it truly is a beautifully put together magazine with it's glossed over finish taking it further.. so much that I could not possibly pull it apart to use for my current fashion show module. Scanning may be needed

Rather than the general round of this seasons catwalk shows, it also deconstructs the trends for this season allowing the reader to fully understand and engage with what is 'in' for this spring/summer of 2011.
It has even given us Fashion bloggers a one way insight with a calendar recording all of the important fashion and art events until November..
My personal favourite has got to be Burberry Prorsum -Animal prints and Leather = Born to be Wild
The leather panelled leggings, statement studded jackets and of course the infamous Burberry trench, this time taking in at the waist with colour popping neon accessories and blasts of animal print.
The Runway for the seasons collection is definitely a one to watch, showing Christopher Bailey bringing Burberry into today and pulling it in a different direction from its traditional trench and natural palette of colour. He is keeping the British tradition alive whilst giving it a brand new twist, making all eyes on Burberry this season..

During my trip to New York this February (Pictures are yet to surface my blog) I had the pleasure of entering such beautiful shops, and Burberry was in my Top Lists to see.. My current obsession with my own leather jacket and leggings combo made me pine for the what I had seen on this seasons runway but unfortunately with the price tag I had to refrain from buying every piece in sight!

Friday, 25 February 2011

wish list

these bad boys are top of my wish list to spend with February's pay
White leather high top converse. Perfect for my skinny jeans, leather jacket and any to go top.. don't you think?
I hope you agree these are beaut?

Converse Trainers: Office 
During my long morning at university, I sat searching through blog to blog and came across these babies.
And simply wanted to post them, to show off how actually beautiful they really are.
one day, these both will be mine. i promise
To me Mulberry bags are the most perfect bags I have ever come across.
They are classic. Beautiful.
My all time favourite has got to be the Mulberry Bayswater, they are such a perfectly structured bag and so easy to wear. Yet scream elegance and grace at the same time.
I will have a mulberry in my life, one day!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

hannah marshall ss11

for my university course, one of our current modules is organing and creating a fashion show..
with inspiration from an already current designer we need to come up with a concept and theme

ive decided to go with the white,black,sharp and minimal look for my fashion show. Staging it in a warehouse or factory, with very heavy lighting focusing in on the runway.. presenting an edgy industrial feel to it. with all these ideas in place, i feel my designer has to embraces these elements within the designs.. i have decided to go with Hannah Marshall who i feel embraces all these factors not just within her garmets but her overall personal look herself.

Hannah Marshall is a British up and coming fashion designer, and i feel her creative space is all about revienting the infamous 'Little Black Dress.' Name to be the new queen of darkness, she embraces the silhouette and takes a new turn feminie making easy to wear sculpted dresses bringing a new edge to just black.

Her ss11 collection shows a different side to her usual all black runway, taking on a new scene of minimal with a heavy blast of white. Still sticking to her roots of edgy scultped frocks she has shown shes not just a true repetive all black designer.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

frankie says cut?

so i have had the imfamous 'frankie' cut for well over a year now..
and i do LOVE the hair cut, hence keeping it for so long
but times goes on and you do start to get really bored, becoming a student has seemed to make me more lazy than what i already was beforehand and my jealously of others has grown from watching friends being able to literally just chuck there hair up in seconds and be sorted. done. 
with a hair cut as short as mine, you need to be on the ball constantly, no such thing as leaving it because then it just looks hurrendous. no joke.  
the boyfriend would highly agree here

so getting to the point of this post, I have decided enough is enough and maybe i should just grow it..
usually the fear is on the otherside, going for a sudden cut.. but ive been sporting the short 'boy' look for over 4 years now and feel very attatched and comfortable with it

what do you think?to cut or not to cut?

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

my first time

Loosing my blogging virginity..
I put this all down to Phoebe Dixon (yes you heard) as she is the ultimate bizz blogger everrrrrrrrr
She's got me regliously following her fabbbb blog peluxe                   get on that people
With my course, studying Fashion Communication we are encouraged to begin blogging
I thought maybe that just meant following blogs,which I already do.. but then I thought maybe I could actually just jump on the bandwagon and begin my own..
I havn't exactly got a specific topic and genre in mind for my blog, so have gone with the general fashion beauty and all things girlie. Simply putting it. Anything (I feel is) relevant in my life to post up

Forgive me as it may take afew takes untill my posts actually become something you want to follow