Friday, 13 April 2012

Blackberry snap before the night out
Dress, Topshop, Heels, Zara 
A must needed girlie night out last night, to take my mind off all the work due in for a weeks time!

Monday, 9 April 2012

I've always been the type who just uses whatever shampoo and conditioner is on offer really, I've never been a one to be loyal to a hair care brand. However I feel it is time for me to really improve on my hair care routine and stick to a brand I really love. As you may have seen throughout my blog, I have very short hair, never coloured it and rarely use straighteners or even blow drying it for that matter, but I still want to keep my hair in the best condition it can be as your hair shows a lot on a first impression don't you think?

Many people have asked me about the new John Frieda Full Repair range as I was lucky enough to get a chance to try all the new products, and may I add after trying them out I had a friend out buying it before I even wrote this post! 

'The new range has been specially delivered to target damaged, over worked hair that requires repair without sacrificing style' and it does exactly what it says on tin.  

I personally really like the smell of the range, which to me is one of the most important factors when choosing a hair care routine as my hair is pretty normal, I don't need to be picky when it comes to types for dry/oily hair etc. The products come in a bright red packaging, continuous throughout from the shampoo/conditioner, sheer mist, styling spray, root lift foam and the deep conditioner. Not being big on hair care products in the past, I would say out the range my favourite products are the root lift foam and the deep conditioner. Using the root lift after every shower my hair has such a light weight feel to it, which I love and the deep conditioner used once a week has seriously made my hair so soft, more than I've ever known.

I think if you want to give your hair it's life back then John Frieda Full Repair range is for you. I can definitely see myself buying these products again, as I have really enjoyed trying them out.