Wednesday, 20 April 2011


With the sunny weather hotting up our days, and the summer vastly approaching I have took a good hard look at my body and decided to get back into shape.
Im not a particularly larger shape, but being a dancer from the age of 3 and having to quit a year ago for my current job at the age of 18; I have noticed a rapid change in my body, and am not pleased with what I'm seeing!
My obsession with the gym, and watching what I eat is getting worse and my mothers comments certainly do not help my confidence.
So back to the gym for Jess, I have been trying to aim to get there at least once a day but have only been managing to make it every other day.
I feel I have totally buckled under the pressure of girls and the whole body issues we face as young girls but I promise this is my own pressure I seem to be putting on myself to be beach body ready because I certainly am not ready to be half naked on a public beach as of yet.
AIM: To get back to my Size 8 days of being toned please.

Topshop Buys
These are essential purchases for summer 2011!
White Biker Jeans - £38
Denim Shorts - £28
(My landing carpet looks rather odd in these pictures)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Office: £88.00

Monday, 18 April 2011


Loan has came and gone in a flash.
I have done well, and majority of it has gone on important things such as my flat deposit, paying off my summer holidays and paying for my weekend in London for my cousins 21st.
A personal best for me.
I did of course treat myself a tiny bit, I swear I did not buy a lot.
Leather Skirt/Crochet Top/Sunglasses: H&M
Barry M Coral Lipstick
Models Own Silver Glitter Nail varnish: Both Boots
 Got an interview today to help out at Newcastle Fashion Week!
Which would be amazing, of course I'm very interested to be involved, but also the experience of it and being able to put it on my CV is always a bonus!
Wish me luck Please!

Sunday, 17 April 2011


I'm selling half my wardrobe on ebay literally, so if anything so far takes your fancy please go search for it and place a bid! I have started everything off at a good price.
Majority of my clothes actually still have tags on too, my eyes are too big for my belly.. truely
This isn't all I have to sell, there is PLENTY more to come, i'll try to keep you update on each item I plan to put up on ebay.
Hoping to get enough money to use as my holiday spending money and even a special surprise for the boyfriends 21st 
(Which I won't say on here incase,  but no doubt he'd never see it on here anyway!)


ASOS Perspex heels - £65.00
I love the idea of a perspex heel, adding a little edge to a simple heel.
I'm considering the top nude pair to be my heels for my Brothers July wedding to go with my dress. 
Mint green Maxi from H&M as seen in a older post
Still unsure though, I'll have to update on my final verdict.
But a £30.00 dress, plus £65.00 shoes and a already owned clutch does seem reasonable for a very important wedding don't you think!

Friday, 15 April 2011


Im starting a slight obsession with Jeffrey Campbell heels, and wish I had enough money to simply buy one pair! His heels are actually everything I look for when wanting a new pair, a simply chunky statement heel. I am still in LOVE with 'Lita' but these summer 'Lana' are just as beautiful.
Why is life so cruel, I deserve some good money my way!


ASOS take on the current ballet trend, similar to Chloe SS11 don't you think?
An obviously more affordable version for us.. at only £30.00 online.
Also available in Mustard, but this Camel colour is my personal favourite!
On my list for once my student loan hits my bank account.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Grand National

Spent the past weekend with the cousin in Liverpool, at the Grand National..
After experiencing sun-burn for the first time in my life, I did not win any of my bets and I lost a lot of money on very expensive drinks.. But other than that I had an amazing weekend! I really do love Liverpool, it was just so pretty! Reminded me of New York, not too sure why?
I drove there and back by the way, thought I'd chuck that little one in there! PROUD!
Beautiful H&M mint green dress: £29.99
Perfect for my brothers wedding in July, making me extremely prepared!
I think by July, with it being summer and hopefully i'll be sporting a lovely natural tan, I will team this beauty with nude heels and clutch. I hope you like!

Saturday, 2 April 2011


Material knotted necklace from H&M - £7.99 and Earrings - £3.99

Friday, 1 April 2011

My love for H+M continues to grow, in my list of favourite shops its jumped a load right to the top!
These are just more items to add to my list
Bags:  £7.99 each
Earrings: £3.99
At the price you could get them all in every colour!

Gone for the pink colour blocking nails.. whilst looking rather rough/tired. apologies


I got my ASOS magazine through the post today, and out dropped a booklet for NIP + FAB
A new range designed by beauty expert Maria Hatzistefanis
Got to say this range has caught my eye, and I really want to try it out..
The Body range appeals to me more, with the summer coming at full speed getting rid of cellulite and toning my body/abs is a high priority
also available at
Overall the prices range from £10-£20 which I don't personally think is excessively expensive or dirt cheap either.. so I would not mind forking out for these products.
Melts instantly into your skin for targeted and fast action on the appearance of cellulite.

A revolutionary formula that helps to tone, smooth and tighten the tummy area.

Snaps of my new fringed crop top out on the town..