Sunday, 29 July 2012

Unless it's make-up I'm pretty bad for buying products that are either on offer, or whatever catches my eye on the day I'm shopping. It's a habit I am trying to break, I want to get my skin and body in a routine with products I will love for a lifetime.

One item I'm very bad for just buying any is mostiuriser, but when I came across Jergens my habit has officially been broken!
If your like me and like your daily dose of mosturiser you tend to fly through bottles like theres no tomorrow, so far I'm on my third week with this bottle and it's still got more to give..

With many different types to chose from I went with the 'Ultra-Healing'. Containing Vitamins C/E/B5 it aims to help out extra dry skin, helping me prepare for my up coming holiday in sunny Canada. This moisturiser is thick and creamy, leaving your skin feeling smooth and silky without the stick. This product has successfully helped me become bikini ready alongside some gyming of course, making a difference on my skin I can see aswell as feel.

I've also got my eye on the 'Skin Firming' lotion to be part of my product list on my travels. 
Aiming to keep me bikini ready throughout the holiday, why stop now after all my hard work?

So which Jergens lotion is for you?