Sunday, 27 February 2011


It was only a matter of time untill Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen surfaced on my blog..
They for years, since their 'Two Of a Kind' days even they have been huge idols of mine and I was one of those who watched every episode and seen all their films, even their books.. obsession? maybe
The now fashionistas, aged 24 have grown up in the spot light of fame since the age of just 6 months! Since they have expanded from tv and film, to the fashion industry with their own books and fashion line 'Real fashion for real girls'
They without a doubt scream style/fashion and are just ultra cool making my jealously levels hit an all time high. Everything if I am perfectly honest, what I wish to be.. but am very far from in fact.

Everything they are seen in, from there infamous oversized sunglasses, oversized statement bags, leggings, constant heels, oversized sweaters and leathers to fur.. they just seem to get it right every time. 
It does NOT help that they are uncontrollably beautiful to top it off, and there natural messy 'bed' head hair style they just hit every trend current in our world.

Of course they come as a pair, but really could you even pick out of the two a favourite?

Just to make you even more jealous, another Olsen has recently come on the scene of fashion (yes, already twins but they have a mini twin also = UNFAIR) 

just to finish my post, this is something I found rather amusing..

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