Wednesday, 20 April 2011


With the sunny weather hotting up our days, and the summer vastly approaching I have took a good hard look at my body and decided to get back into shape.
Im not a particularly larger shape, but being a dancer from the age of 3 and having to quit a year ago for my current job at the age of 18; I have noticed a rapid change in my body, and am not pleased with what I'm seeing!
My obsession with the gym, and watching what I eat is getting worse and my mothers comments certainly do not help my confidence.
So back to the gym for Jess, I have been trying to aim to get there at least once a day but have only been managing to make it every other day.
I feel I have totally buckled under the pressure of girls and the whole body issues we face as young girls but I promise this is my own pressure I seem to be putting on myself to be beach body ready because I certainly am not ready to be half naked on a public beach as of yet.
AIM: To get back to my Size 8 days of being toned please.

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