Wednesday, 30 May 2012

NE1's Newcastle Fashion Week 2012 has officially begun, 4 days down and on to the fifth
So far we have had our glorious weather and our launch weekend showcasing our Newcastle College graduates, our Work It catwalk and a very rare Barbour Catwalk all at Greys Monument.
All the above snaps showing the behind the scenes of Day One and to celebrate the end of the first day drinks were of course needed!
Day Two - With Barbour and Brix Smith-Start
Showcasing Barbour's Spring/Summer 2012 collection in this weekends heat the models done an amazing job under the circumstances!
As did Brix's little pup, who was modelling an unbelievably cute Barbour doggie jacket, but of course could not stay in it for very long with the heat..
Selections items are now available in Fenwicks, straight off the catwalk, all with a Newcastle Fashion Week tag.. easy for you to spot!
Day Three - Got to meet the lovely Liz Walker, who was an absolute delight
Liz held a talk at Northumbria Uni, telling the tales of her fashionable life including her days at Harpers and Marie Claire
With words such as 'Job's are like boyfriends, the less you want them, the more they come and fight for you' it was a very inspiring talk for those aiming to launch into the Fashion industry!
Above is a snap of her recent book 'Style Book - Fashionable Inspirations' available at Waterstones 

More behind the scene snaps to come

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