Wednesday, 23 February 2011

frankie says cut?

so i have had the imfamous 'frankie' cut for well over a year now..
and i do LOVE the hair cut, hence keeping it for so long
but times goes on and you do start to get really bored, becoming a student has seemed to make me more lazy than what i already was beforehand and my jealously of others has grown from watching friends being able to literally just chuck there hair up in seconds and be sorted. done. 
with a hair cut as short as mine, you need to be on the ball constantly, no such thing as leaving it because then it just looks hurrendous. no joke.  
the boyfriend would highly agree here

so getting to the point of this post, I have decided enough is enough and maybe i should just grow it..
usually the fear is on the otherside, going for a sudden cut.. but ive been sporting the short 'boy' look for over 4 years now and feel very attatched and comfortable with it

what do you think?to cut or not to cut?

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