Thursday, 24 February 2011

hannah marshall ss11

for my university course, one of our current modules is organing and creating a fashion show..
with inspiration from an already current designer we need to come up with a concept and theme

ive decided to go with the white,black,sharp and minimal look for my fashion show. Staging it in a warehouse or factory, with very heavy lighting focusing in on the runway.. presenting an edgy industrial feel to it. with all these ideas in place, i feel my designer has to embraces these elements within the designs.. i have decided to go with Hannah Marshall who i feel embraces all these factors not just within her garmets but her overall personal look herself.

Hannah Marshall is a British up and coming fashion designer, and i feel her creative space is all about revienting the infamous 'Little Black Dress.' Name to be the new queen of darkness, she embraces the silhouette and takes a new turn feminie making easy to wear sculpted dresses bringing a new edge to just black.

Her ss11 collection shows a different side to her usual all black runway, taking on a new scene of minimal with a heavy blast of white. Still sticking to her roots of edgy scultped frocks she has shown shes not just a true repetive all black designer.

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