Tuesday, 15 March 2011

jealously is an understatement..

90210 is without question my favourite of all my listed programs I watch religiously.
Since the newest series (UK) started I have began to be enormously jealous of everyones hair!!!
It does not help I'm in a state of depression with my own, and currently in the growing/nothing stages of it being just there and I hate the very sight of it..
So after watching tonight episode I've came away wanting to google each character and research into their hairstyles. I am currently closer to 'Silvers' - Jessica Stroup's hairstyle, unfortunately for me mine is just a more average untamed version of it. 

I am still very unsure on were I am heading with my hair, with it being the same for nearly 5 years now I have forgotten what it is like to handle hair past my shoulders, and probably how to put a bobble in.....
I do have ideas in mine for what I like, and do wish to one day in the near future have longer hair!
AIM: to be able to chuck my hair into a bobble for my summer holidays!
It's very said that this is all I want to be able to do. I know.

On the subject - A picture of perfection. I shall leave it at that.

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