Friday, 11 March 2011

no smoking day? not for if your kate moss

Kate Moss hit headlines during Paris Fashion Week, strutting down the runway at Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton casually smoking a cigarette..
Notorious for being a rule breaker, Moss walked the runway, presenting woman with character/personality within fashion and not just the anonymous blank canvas' most see models as.. they're just there to wear and walk the clothes right? Well so some may say..
Moss saw the runway as an exception to the ban of No Smoking Day and felt confident enough to light one up in the spot light of the catwalk. This rebel act shows the role and the stance Moss has in the fashion industry, while also showing the 37 year-old still has 'it' in tight black hot pants and knee high lace-up boots. 

Moss has not hit the catwalk in 3 years, and her absence from the runway clearly came to a halt with a breath of not-so-fresh air.. puffing away and showing herself as a real role model for us younger followers of the industry

Moss definitely stole the show, showing she really does still have it and the show was really a must see.
The Fetish-themed show contained a lot of leather, handcuffs and knee high boots/stockings. 

Superstar designer Marc Jacobs said the public's insatiable desire for everything with the LV logo sparked the idea for the collection.
'There's this crazy, almost irrational desire for these objects, these things we create,' Jacobs told a scrum of journalists in a frenzied backstage interview.
'We were thinking about obsession, fetishism and we thought about an old hotel, with its chambermaids and the affairs that go on there, the crimes and scandals. 
'And we just wanted to reveal all the amazing creatures who passed through there'.

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