Saturday, 14 January 2012

With my hair style, my hair is pretty much exactly the same everyday, it does not help that I'm not very creative with my hair
I tend to get really jealous of people with long luscious hair who can do everything and anything with it
I finally came across a style, different from my usual and something that can handle less hair to work with!
Using this video, follow the step by step guide to the perfect french pleat.
It's really easy and does not take much effort, this was my outcome, whats yours?

John Frieda©Haircare Experts launch YouTube channel for women to discover their perfect Style on Demand

The John Frieda© Haircare Experts are proud to announce the launch of a brand new YouTube channel.Eight ‘Style on Demand’ have been created, hosted by top John Frieda© stylists Jake Davies and Giles Robinson. 
They share industry secrets enabling women to recreate a variety of beautiful on-trend styles for 2012. 
The bite sized videos are designed to empower hair conscious women, giving them the confidence to try new looks and styling techniques. 
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  1. Your hair looks amazing. Where did you get the dress from? It is gorgeous :) x

  2. Thanks, its from H&M trend section, its backless also!x