Saturday, 5 March 2011

Chunky Heel Trend

I've always been a huge fan of platform statement shoes to gain myself some extra height,  but my obsession has to be my wedges which is all I ever seem to wear.. 
And when my most favourite pair everrrr broke (resulted by a drunken night out,and my boyf) my world shattered!
But on the travels to NYC I amazingly found them reformed in leather, and without question they were bought within seconds!
Wedges are not just the most comfortable heels in the world, but they are forever hitting back at the trend scene and refuse to leave us.

My love for statement platform heels was recently questioned when the new trend for Spring/Summer 2011 hit presenting chunky heels. Which to me is a wedge but with the middle bit missing don't you think?

But I have to say, after setting my sights on these babies, I have came to agree with this trend. So no need to panic if wedges suddenly are unseen on the front pages, these will step in to save your feet.
No need to suffer for fashion with this trend!
(£150 - Kurt Geiger)

On my usual night in, I find myself on a blog to blog mission and after having this post in my head for today I came across and fell in love with the heels posted up. Even so I went on a hunt to find them for myself, and successful found them on RESULT!

(£70 -

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