Friday, 4 March 2011

M.A.C Cosmetics

Again another assignment related post.. for my current module for P.R we have been asked to produce and create our own Public Relations company. Creating our own logo, tagline, mission statement and client list.
I have named my company 'MATCHBOX' specialising in Fashion Events, Model Agencies and Beauty Cosmetics. With that we than have to choose a specific client, and if you have not already guessed I have chosen to go with M.A.C. 
Already a big fan of M.A.C myself, this is just an excuse to delve further into the company. 
(which I have already used as an example of a brand for my previous branding essay in Semester 1)
Once we have chosen our Product/Service and have deeply researched everything from products, lines, campaigns, events, interviews and quotes said regarding them; we have finally been asked to ourselves create a new line/range of products. 
In my case a new line of M.A.C makeup, for example their newest 'WonderWoman' Collection
I have yet to come up with my new range, for M.A.C with my fictional company.
I will keep you updated.. promise
If you do have any suggestions for a range, or what you feel is missing from M.A.C please leave a comment.. or just generally any opinions or useful information you would like to put forward to help me 
Much appreciated x

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