Monday, 7 March 2011

shopping bible

My fashion bible, for shopping the current trends. A must buy

I purchased the newest Company High-Street Edit, for shopping the trends of spring/summer 2011.
Why I decided to buy it on the month I'm living off £30 for two weeks, I'll never know!
I now have a HUGE wish list, that I know I just can't have, which makes me very sad..

It from page to page, simply and in true company style presents the key trends and where to find them.
Dedicating sections to certain stores, such as Topshop Reiss ASOS Warehouse and many more..
That way you can easily plan your own wish list, and even your financial plan to purchase them!bonus
It even has a little back section for the fashion addict boys out there, so you can leave it out for them to get afew tips for this season.
If your a huge fan of Company, such as myself the High-Street Edit editions always focus on images and fashion mostly. Not being as text heavy as a traditional Company issue, consisting of only a few articles but for £3.99 is a definite must buy for this season. Trust me

The trends that stuck out to me: 
the tribal vibe
cinched waists
man up, with skinny trousers, blazers and brogues
goth'n'rock, main feature being leather in all forms
the high top trainers
extra large wedges
virginal lace
interesting nails
asymmetrical, one shoulder numbers

the trends that just don't do it for me:
yellow make up
wide leg trousers
below the knee
(unless a maxi dress, I just can't get away with this trend, personally)


  1. yellow make-up and wide leg trousers are in?! might as well pop into koko's and borrow their clowns outfit.

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for hi tops

  3. i know!!converse all over dais!
    hahah,I was not impressed with them trends..not ones ill be going alone with personally
    I would look horrific with yellow make up on seriously!baddddd